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Well, I am excited to be about one third of the way into the next novel! We have a working title, “The Freedom Wars, Book One; Texas Rising“, that might get massaged a bit as the story unfolds. My biggest concern is that with all of the shenanigans in Washington, the story will be acted out in real life before I get the darn thing published! Stay tuned for a preview as soon as I get the editing of the first few chapters finished.

We will be signing books at the R and K gun show in Nashville at the fairgrounds on October tenth and eleventh (next weekend) for anybody that wants to drop in a give us a shout. Midlandapril

If you would like a personalized copy of my books, send a check made out to: Will Dallas in the amount of $Sixteen+ $3.00 shipping and handling for each book, or $forty-two + $4.00 shipping and handling for the set. Make certain that you give me the name of the recipient and a return shipping address.

Send to: Will Dallas, PO Box 4159, Hopkinsville, KY 42241




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Adapting to Kentucky

After several consecutive successful shows, and many new readers in both Tennessee and Kentucky joining our growing group, I have to say that Kentucky is starting to look better every day. Here is a picture of an area close to the Lexington Horse Park where we had a show a few weeks ago.

Lexington Horses4

We recently finished a show in Murfreesboro, Tennessee where I sold a set of books to our first astrophysicist! They were for his wife though, but he might take a liking to some light reading.

One thing that I am excited about is the abundance of state lands that can be hunted or fished without paying an exorbitant fee to a large landowner. This weekend, I am going to a public rifle range managed by the state and get the .260 Remington ready for deer season.  The following picture is of the lake at Pennyrile State Park:


We will be in Lebanon, Tennessee on September 13th and 14th for another show, so come on down and make us feel welcome.


New Readers in Tennessee and Kentucky!

Well, Mary K and I survived our trip back East, and also survived our first shows in both Nashville, TN and Somerset, KY  where we picked up many new readers and made some great contacts for long lasting friendships, much like we did in Texas.

I am happy to report that there is now a set of books headed for Australia, if they have not already arrived, and I have been invited to speak to an advanced high school senior class in Somerset, KY a little later in the year by an English teacher that had the next table over from us during last weekend’s show. We are certainly excited to be a part of inspiring our future leaders (and readers), and kind of proud that my books are deemed worthy to be read by developing young minds.

Hey, there is another story in the works (as yet untitled) that I hope to be able to finish while it is still fiction! Here is a very brief synopsis:

Flash forward two years to 2016. President Obama has declared martial law in the aftermath of several large scale riots and suspended Federal elections. Texas, Oklahoma, Wyoming, and Montana refuse the order. U.N troops are getting hammered by the Texas Guard, the capitol of Texas is moved from Austin to Fort Worth, the Governor is shot down in the desert while flying to a secure location,  Luke Moffet and John Post, part of what the younger guard members refer to as “the old guard”, are heading up a mounted cavalry in the remote southwestern section of the state.

Hopefully, I will have this in print by the end of September unless we face martial law or something. 🙂 So I encourage you all to read COUGAR!, NIGHT WIND, and THUNDER RANCH again to prep for the new book. I promise that it will be an exciting read!


If you prefer to read on your Kindle tablet, here are the links for all three books in the series, all offered at the low price of $1.99 ea.




Print editions can be ordered through any book outlet, just have them search ‘W.W. Brock’.

Another Great Show!


We had a great time at the Great Outdoor Expo that was held in Midland, Texas this past weekend! Besides selling a record number of my books, we made new friends and saw many of my regular fans as they came to purchase personalized copies of “COUGAR!”, “NIGHT WIND”, and “THUNDER RANCH”, and to wish us God speed as we close the Texas chapter in our life story and head to Kentucky in a couple of weeks to turn another page.

We have made many friends here in the almost two years that we’ve lived in Odessa, and it is not an easy thing to leave folks behind that you know you will probably not see again this side of Glory. On a happier note, Nashville is only about an hour away from where we will be, a mere stone’s throw by Texas standards of distance, and I will be signing and selling my books there shortly with the help of my wife and best friend, Mary K.

If you have not purchased a personalized copy of my books yet and would like one before we leave, I will have them at All American Firearms Service, 2929 N Galahad Ave, Odessa, TX 79764 until the 27th of June.

If you prefer to read on your Kindle tablet, here are the links for all three books in the series, all offered at the low price of $1.99 ea.




Print editions can be ordered through any book outlet, just have them search ‘W.W. Brock’.

Links to the new eBooks

Hey Y’all,

We had a sellout on the THUNDER RANCH books at the Silver Spur Gun and Blade Show this past weekend in Midland, Texas! Thanks to all of our readers, fans, and new folks that stopped by the table for their copies of the last book in the Michael Tucker adventure series.

If you prefer to read on your Kindle tablet, here are the links for all three books in the series, all offered at the low price of $1.99 ea.




Print editions can be ordered through any book outlet, just have them search ‘W.W. Brock’.

Our last Texas shows will be on the 12th, 13th, and 14th of June at both the Permian Gun Show at the Ector County Coliseum and at the Horse Show Arena in Midland during the Outdoors Expo. I hope to see you all then.



I thought that you all would like a preview of the cover for THUNDER RANCH and a little teaser.


“Tuck just shook his head and drove the ATV slowly and quietly back down the grade.

The jaguar came out of the small opening in the rock face of the butte, and stretched. He was hungry and thought only of his next kill. Suddenly, he threw up his head and sampled the strong westerly wind as it brought traces of the men’s scent to his nostrils. On the other side of the gully that separated him from the road, he saw the ATV moving slowly as Tuck tried to get into a position to surprise the cat. He couldn’t know that the jaguar had decided on him for his next meal.

Tuck brought the Polaris to a complete stop and killed the idling engine. He would have to cross a very thick portion of the gully and get to the cat quickly if he wanted to get home by dark. He tightened his Kevlar leggings and started the walk down into the dense brush with all of his senses on alert. Not only did he have to keep an eye pealed for rattlesnakes, but there were other things besides the jaguar that could hurt him in here.

The jaguar had Tuck’s scent now and made his fast-paced stalk to within fifty yards of his position without being seen. It would lie in wait until the human had passed him, and then rush in to seize him from behind and crush his head between his powerful jaws. Tuck was moving slowly past the jaguar at an angle that had shortened the distance between them to thirty yards. The cat could taste the blood in his mouth and his every nerve was focused on making this kill.”

Excerpted from THUNDER RANCH

copyright 2015 Will Dallas

All rights reserved


Copyright © 2015 W.W. Brock

ISBN 978-0-9862487-2-6

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the author.

Published by Purple Sage Entertainment, Odessa, Texas

All characters, events, and conspiracies in this book are fictitious. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, and any real or imagined conspiracy is coincidental, and not intended by the author. Product names used herein are not an endorsement of this work by the product name owners.

Printed in the United States of America on acid-free paper.


First Edition



     The aging Cessna 206 touched down quietly on the barren, grass covered runway of the Rancho de Truenos near Sheffield, Texas. Situated miles from the nearest interstate and accessible only by several miles of dirt road, the runway activity was also hidden from prying eyes by its location below the towering buttes to the North and South, and the dark of the night. The flight had originated in Mexico, and had been timed to coincide with a “Bonsai” swarm of illegals coming across the border checkpoint at McAllen en masse.

Flying low to avoid radar and with its running lights off, the six passenger plane skirted the tops of the high bluffs, staying close to the valley floors and running by radar. When it arrived at the GPS coordinates for the little used ranch runway, the pilot keyed his mike in a prearranged sequence, and a confederate on the ground answered by turning on the headlights of an SUV that was strategically parked so that it could illuminate the landing area.

The pilot cut power to the single engine aircraft and settled it on to the hard packed ground, stopping just short of the SUV. Four men with packs and armed with military grade AK-47s quickly disembarked the plane and loaded into the SUV, which drove away into the night with its lights off. The plane taxied back to a take off position and quickly departed, the pilot executing the plan to fly the plane back to the south, and then climb to an altitude that would expose it to radar. He would then set an easterly course, put the plane on auto pilot, and bail out over his pick up area.

Fifty miles from the ranch, just as the pilot eased back on the controls to begin his climb over a towering rock wall, the Continental engine sputtered twice, caught again for a split second, and then died. The official report of the crash, which was discovered three days later, was pilot error, but the real cause were the two gallons of distilled water that had been poured into the wing tanks on the last fuel stop, freezing in the fuel lines, and then soaking into the ground after the crash.

Miguel Sanchez had been the foreman for the Rancho de Truenos for the past five years before it was suddenly sold to a gringo rancher from Midland, Texas a month ago. Today would be his last day on the ranch, and probably his most profitable. He had heard the small plane as it revved the engine for take off, and now he hurried on his ATV to the only dirt path that served the runway area for the prearranged meeting.

The SUV stopped where Miguel stood, and the driver’s window opened just long enough for the driver to toss a thick envelope into Miguel’s eagerly waiting hands.

“Gracias Amigo!” Miguel shouted to the tail lights of the moving SUV as he looked at the ten thousand dollars in crisp new one hundred dollar bills that he now held in his hands, “Muchas Gracias!”

He hurried back to the trailer that had served as the bunk house for him and his men before the sale, and took his bag with a small amount of clothes to the old Chevrolet truck that he brought to the ranch with him five years before. Everything else that he had accumulated over the past few years was left behind. Miguel was going home.


Hey Folks,

If you have been following the adventures of Michael Tucker and his wife Hanna, this is the first chapter of the third book in the series,”THUNDER RANCH”. If you haven’t yet read the first book, “COUGAR!” or the sequel, “NIGHT WIND”, you have missed out on two captivating adventures. Get your copies now to be prepared when “THUNDER RANCH” becomes available in April 2015. You can buy from us at the Permian Gun Show this weekend in Odessa, TX, or pick up a copy at your favorite bookstore and at


I’m Excited About This New Year!

Well, the year has gotten off to a cold and icy start here in West  Texas, but I’ve used the house bound time to get a three minute trailer script for ‘COUGAR!’ written and sent off to the production company in Raleigh, NC for a budget figure.


The weather did mess up the cougar hunt that was scheduled to take place down on the Smokey Mountain Ranch. I was really looking forward to getting peek inside one of the old Indian caves that are on that property while it is too cold for snakes. Those things and I just do not agree with each other. The day before I was born, a six foot black snake dropped off of the porch stoop and around my mother’s neck.


January is going to be very busy for us with our first show on January 17th and 18th at the Odessa Coliseum. We will be in Carlsbad the next weekend, back to Midland, and then back to Odessa the first week in February for the RV and Boat show. This season, in addition to my books, I will have the Audio disks ready for those that don’t have time to read. I hope to see you all there!


Of course you can buy the books at any major book retailer, and get the Kindle and Nook versions online, or you can just cruise to the top of the page and order direct from me.




I just want to take the time to wish all of you from where ever you might be viewing this, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year!