Number Seven is Complete!

As many of you know, the number seven in the bible is associated with completion or perfection. I am happy to announce that my number seven,The Curse of the Black Mingo, is finished and ready for publication. As much as I hate the synopsis writing which entails boiling down my novel into several pages of sawdust, I did get that task competed with a little help from friends, namely Angela Hoy at and Rickey Pittman, the Bard of the South,

It was my intention to wait until January 2nd to start sending my query letters out, but decided to send four as a trial about a week ago. The first one went to Golden Wheat Literary in Hays, Kansas who in turn requested that I send the manuscript in hard copy. As you can imagine, my excitement level shot up about a bazillion points, although I realize that nothing is guaranteed in this business. While I’m waiting to hear back from those good folks, I’ve started another story. More on that in the future.

The Christian Horror that I promised is on the back burner until we get through with our gun show season which I’ve missed the bulk of while trying to finish the Curse, and we have a trip planned to Alaska for a couple of months in the summer to pick up some story material and fish a bit.

I will be signing books at the Fort Oglethorpe, GA Gun Show this weekend, and then it is off to visit family in the Carolinas for a week.