‘The Curse of the Black Mingo’ Update

For my readers that are wondering where in the world I’ve been hiding with the next book, ‘The Curse of the Black Mingo’, I can promise that your patience will be rewarded in the very near future!

One of the challenges to writing a story that is set in a certain time frame is the need to research the historical events of that time for an accurate backdrop to a fictional story. Consider that it took me thirty minutes of writing time to find the name and location of the passenger railroad terminal that serviced Charleston in 1911. The place that is now used as the Visitor Center was the old freight terminal, but there was was the ‘Union Station’ located on East Bay and Columbus that burned in 1927. This depot was a state-of-the-art facility that brought the passengers inside a huge complex for debarking.

For all of you that enjoyed ‘LEGION’, there will be another so-called ‘Christian Horror’ before the end of the year entitled, ‘Two Minutes of Darkness’. You may have guessed that it is eclipse related, and it will follow scriptural guidelines when dealing with the demonic forces that have been unwittingly unleashed by folks practicing some unsavory business during the darkness. Stay tuned.