New Readers in Tennessee and Kentucky!

Well, Mary K and I survived our trip back East, and also survived our first shows in both Nashville, TN and Somerset, KY  where we picked up many new readers and made some great contacts for long lasting friendships, much like we did in Texas.

I am happy to report that there is now a set of books headed for Australia, if they have not already arrived, and I have been invited to speak to an advanced high school senior class in Somerset, KY a little later in the year by an English teacher that had the next table over from us during last weekend’s show. We are certainly excited to be a part of inspiring our future leaders (and readers), and kind of proud that my books are deemed worthy to be read by developing young minds.

Hey, there is another story in the works (as yet untitled) that I hope to be able to finish while it is still fiction! Here is a very brief synopsis:

Flash forward two years to 2016. President Obama has declared martial law in the aftermath of several large scale riots and suspended Federal elections. Texas, Oklahoma, Wyoming, and Montana refuse the order. U.N troops are getting hammered by the Texas Guard, the capitol of Texas is moved from Austin to Fort Worth, the Governor is shot down in the desert while flying to a secure location,  Luke Moffet and John Post, part of what the younger guard members refer to as “the old guard”, are heading up a mounted cavalry in the remote southwestern section of the state.

Hopefully, I will have this in print by the end of September unless we face martial law or something. 🙂 So I encourage you all to read COUGAR!, NIGHT WIND, and THUNDER RANCH again to prep for the new book. I promise that it will be an exciting read!


If you prefer to read on your Kindle tablet, here are the links for all three books in the series, all offered at the low price of $1.99 ea.




Print editions can be ordered through any book outlet, just have them search ‘W.W. Brock’.