I thought that you all would like a preview of the cover for THUNDER RANCH and a little teaser.


“Tuck just shook his head and drove the ATV slowly and quietly back down the grade.

The jaguar came out of the small opening in the rock face of the butte, and stretched. He was hungry and thought only of his next kill. Suddenly, he threw up his head and sampled the strong westerly wind as it brought traces of the men’s scent to his nostrils. On the other side of the gully that separated him from the road, he saw the ATV moving slowly as Tuck tried to get into a position to surprise the cat. He couldn’t know that the jaguar had decided on him for his next meal.

Tuck brought the Polaris to a complete stop and killed the idling engine. He would have to cross a very thick portion of the gully and get to the cat quickly if he wanted to get home by dark. He tightened his Kevlar leggings and started the walk down into the dense brush with all of his senses on alert. Not only did he have to keep an eye pealed for rattlesnakes, but there were other things besides the jaguar that could hurt him in here.

The jaguar had Tuck’s scent now and made his fast-paced stalk to within fifty yards of his position without being seen. It would lie in wait until the human had passed him, and then rush in to seize him from behind and crush his head between his powerful jaws. Tuck was moving slowly past the jaguar at an angle that had shortened the distance between them to thirty yards. The cat could taste the blood in his mouth and his every nerve was focused on making this kill.”

Excerpted from THUNDER RANCH

copyright 2015 Will Dallas

All rights reserved