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Big Cats Abound!

I am constantly hearing stories about big cougars killing livestock here in West Texas, and one of the areas where they seem to be particularly nasty is down near Sonora. One older gentleman told me that he quit loaning his stud horses to a friend in that area because cats were killing the foals as soon as they dropped.

Here is a photo of a cat that a friend of mine’s nephew  killed in Sonora recently while deer hunting. This monster (look at his feet) stalked to within a few feet of the man who thought he heard a squirrel behind him and turned just in time.


My brother Stuart sent the next picture that was taken in Rodeo, New Mexico near the Arizona border where they regularly cross over from Mexico. There are quit a few coming across in that area, and they have also been seen occasionally in the trans Pecos area. The cat is a Jaguar, Felis onca,  and has the most powerful jaws of the three large cats, Lion, Tiger, and Jaguar.  This is what Tuck will face in “THUNDER RANCH”.


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