We’re Rolling now!

Boy, things have been kind of hectic for the past few weeks while I have been working on the audio versions of ‘COUGAR!’ and ‘NIGHT WIND’ for all of the folks that have been requesting my melodious voice on CD. 🙂  Now we are in the final edits and waiting on the components to get here. Don’t worry, they will be ready by December 1st on a single disk in data format for all of you with newer cd players and computers. For everyone with older automobiles, I’m working on a five disk set of audio disks, but that will be sometime next year.


Both books in print will be available again everywhere in about a week, and I have a title and three chapters of the Tucker’s next exciting adventure “Thunder Ranch”, which I plan to have published by March first. Next week, I am going to have the first three chapters up here for you all to read so get excited! 🙂

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving and stay in touch.