Book Number Three is Underway!

Hey Everyone,

I just wrapped up the research for the third book that will continue the adventures of Michael Tucker. My good friend, Tom Stewart, and I made a trip to Sheffield, Texas yesterday to visit the ranch of Delmer and Jane McAfee who have graciously allowed me to use the Smokey Mountain Ranch as a backdrop for Tuck’s next adventure. I can’t tell you much about story yet, but I can share some pictures of the ranch with one of the dangers that Tuck will face.


Imagine looking down from a low seat in a Polaris Ranger ATV and seeing this six foot rattlesnake about two feet from your unprotected legs! Delmer dispatched the snake, and then hung it on the fence belly up to make it rain. It started raining just a few hours later!


Here are a few more pictures to get your imagination geared up:

IMG_1325My buddy, Tom Stewart.

IMG_1324An Albino Horny Toad!

IMG_1313A little West Texas Landscape

IMG_1311A calf killed by coyotes!

I might mention that this ranch has a rogue Mexican fighting bull somewhere in the brush, a monkey hiding in the brush, and snakes galore. The area is also home to cougar, coyote, fox, and the very real possibility of an even larger cat, if rumors can be believed. (Of course they can, this is a fictional story!) When we couple all of that with the real possibility of hostile incursions and rogue government types, old Tuck is going to have his hands full!

If you haven’t read either “Cougar!” or NIGHT WIND” yet, what are you waiting for? You can order both at the links provided above.




Good things are happening!

Hey, we have lots of good things going on! After many requests, I am setting up to record my books in audio format. It may still be a couple of months before I have something to put on the table at our next show, but it should be fun.
The screenplay for COUGAR! is in the hands of a production company back in NC, and we are traveling to the border area this week to do research for the next Michael Tucker adventure. I’m not certain of the activity in this one yet, but with Ebola, ISIS, illegals, killer animals, and cartels all active in this area, Tuck is going to have his hands full!
If you haven’t read COUGAR! or NIGHT WIND and would like a copy, just visit these links: