Why I Write


What a great time my wife and I had at the Permian Gun Show this past weekend! You know, when I had the notion of writing my first novel “COUGAR!”, I thought of the prospects of fame and fortune that would follow similar to the character of Richard Castle in the T.V. show “Castle”. Well, that certainly hasn’t happened yet, and I can say now, two years down the road, that there are probably many more writers that do not find fame and fortune than do. So why write at all, you might ask. This weekend’s activities certainly underscore the answer to that question.

Not only did we almost sell out of books again, surprisingly selling more copies of “COUGAR!” than “NIGHT WIND”, we met the most interesting people, started some great relationships, and were able to encourage several to “Go ahead and write that book!”. We had more than a few of our previous customers come by the table and request another story about Hanna and Tuck as soon as I could get one worked up, and I even had a man familiar with the film industry come by and encourage me in my pursuit of the movie based on the novel “COUGAR!”. All of this was really rewarding to me, but the most rewarding time was seeing several young people pick up copies of a gospel tract that I always have on the corner of my tables, and having the opportunity to share scripture with a couple of fellow believers that needed some encouragement.

I realize at this stage of my life that success is not always measured by the amount of money that you have, but more by what is said about you when you leave the room, and I would like to think that a few glasses will be raised in a toast when someone remembers the old writer that they met at an obscure event, and the encouragement that he gave that changed their lives.


Be sure to get your copy of “COUGAR!” while it is still available http://tinyurl.com/kx6hf3d

Permian Gun Show This Weekend!

I just want to remind everyone that Mary K and I will be at the Ector County Coliseum this Saturday and Sunday (August  23rd and 24th) signing books so come on over and see us. If you have one of my books that has not been signed, please feel free to come by our table and we’ll take care of it for you.


I’m also picking up the barreled action for a .300 Win Mag that I am building for the shop from Bucky Smith, a great gunsmith from Paducah, TX who handles our machine work from time to time.

Don’t for get that the eBook version of “COUGAR!” is still available from Amazon.com for $.99 through October, so if you haven’t read it yet, go get yourself a copy. Hard copies for both books are available at the gun show or by order through any book store and online. The links are at the top of the page.



Bits and Pieces

Well, another gun show/book signing has come and gone with spectacular results for both our book sales and for the All American Firearms Service sales. Using the successful large venue sales plan that I described in a recent article for Booklocker.com, Inc. , http://tinyurl.com/ljbfxog my wonderful wife, Mary K, sold sixty-two books while I divided my time between firearms sales and autographs.


Another big score this past month was done with the help and guidance of my publisher, Booklocker.com, Inc., with the promotion that we are currently running on Amazon.com for the eBook “COUGAR!” As I mentioned in an earlier post, we gained over 15,000 new readers in the 5 day campaign! One of the things that put us over the 15,000 mark was listing the Amazon links to “COUGAR!” for several different countries (Amazon is country specific!). We had downloads in every country that I published a link for on this website! 🙂 http://tinyurl.com/m6q4q4z

 Mary K and I will be at the Odessa, Texas Gun Show on August 23rd and 24th, and then we will be with All American Firearms Service in Alpine, Texas on the Labor Day weekend for a big show and another large sales opportunity. (I am the only book author scheduled!) After Alpine, we have a brief break, and then it looks like more shows in San Angelo, Midland, Abilene, TX, Hobbs, NM, and then we will start the year with a show over in Carlsbad, NM about mid-January. Next year, God willing, we will venture to Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston, so keep us in prayer.

I hope that this article might encourage some of my fellow authors to become proactive in their sales activities, and not wait on the masses to stumble across a good work that is currently hopelessly buried along with millions of others in an online store.