Odessa Gun Show Finale!


Well, another Odessa Gun Show has come and gone, and it was a spectacular event for Mary K and I since we sold out of both “COUGAR!” and “NIGHT WIND” just before the closing bell at five PM this evening.

We saw many of my customers from the gun shop, All American Firearms Service, and made many new friends and contacts through the sale of my books.


Mary K was in her element selling my books, and my new Stetson which she packaged into a multiple book sale! I signed 45 books total which is huge for this show, and also sent several customers back to the shop for gun sales.


We talked to several aspiring authors, and one librarian that confirmed the message that Angela Hoy from Booklocker.com sent out last week concerning how sloppy editing and poor quality publishing were simply not acceptable in their profession. I am also happy to announce that we passed the test with flying colors, as did our publisher, Booklocker.com. 🙂

Our next show will be the Midland Gun Show on August 2nd and 3rd so we look forward to seeing all that can make it. Drop by the table with any of my books that you may have purchased online, and I will be happy to sign it for you!

Starting July 21st and ending July 25th, exclusively at Amazon.com, e-book copies of “COUGAR!” will be available for free. Tell your Kindle buddies and help put 50,000 copies of this book in the hands of Kindle readers.


Dates to Remember

Hey Everybody,

We have a gun show  coming up this weekend at the Ector County Coliseum, June 21 and 22. I will be with my wife, Mary K, signing books for those that are literary minded. 🙂

We have a big gun show at the Horse Shoe Arena in Midland, TX on August 2 and 3, and will also have a big portion of our firearms collection there. My books will also be available.

Mary K and I are excited about the Labor Day weekend when we will be at a big annual gun show and cowboy reunion of sorts down in Alpine, Texas. On Labor day we will be heading to Big Bend Park to celebrate my birthday looking at the beautiful scenery.

Plan on dropping by any of these events or come by All American Firearms Service (2929 N Galahad Ave, Odessa) and say howdy. David and I would love to see you!

This is the last week that I will be offering a signed copy of either of my books for $17.00 by mail. After June 22, the price will increase to $19.00 to cover shipping costs. If you want a signed copy sent to you, please send me a check or money order to:

Will Dallas, P.O. Box 945, Odessa, TX 79760, and I will have one to you in about a week.




Big Day in the Gun Shop!

Hey Gang,

Today was one of those great days that come around every now and again. I was able to finish a cleaning and appraisal on a customer’s Parker Bros Trojan side by side 20 gauge shotgun, something that is very rare in this day and age, finish bedding my new stock for my .375 action, and work on another customer’s custom “Arthur Shivell” 1920s rifle that we are doing a complete restoration on.

I addition, the first order of “NIGHT WIND” arrived via UPS about noon, and I was hard pressed to get them signed and on the counter before some of my customers showed up to buy multiple copies for Father’s Day Presents (hint, hint)! Wow!

If you still want a signed copy of “NIGHT WIND” or “COUGAR!” and do not want to drive to Odessa, Texas to pick it up, just drop me a check for $17.00 in the mail made out to:

Will Dallas, P.O. Box 945,Odessa, TX 79760, and it will get out straight away. Heck, the postage and writer’s cramp is all on me so don’t wait.

In other news, we decided to move ahead with the e-book conversion to “NIGHT WIND”, so look for that to be ready in about two weeks.


Coping With the Heat!

You know the old saying, “It is one hundred degrees in the shade!” Well out here in Odessa, Texas there is no shade, and the temps are hitting one hundreds plus for the next week!

When it gets hot like this, I like to get things done early, and then retire to the air conditioned comfort of home until evening. Early this morning, I made the thirty mile drive to the Midland Shooting Sports rifle range to test a customer’s .257 Roberts that I just re-stocked. I also took my old FN FAL out for romp, and my daughter Hanna’s maple stocked 6.5×55 Swede which is one of the finest rifle calibers that I have shot. (It is also featured in “COUGAR!” as Tuck’s Hanna drills a cougar through the head to save the boy’s life).


Right now as I write this, I am thinking of the cold water creek that we baptized folks in back in Lafayette, Tennessee. That clear, cold, fast flowing water would certainly be nice to just sit in on a day like today. Yep, today it would also be nice to walk that little creek with a light fly rod and just work the under cuts along the bank for a few of the big blue gills that live there.

I also think about things best done in the cold, like hunting pheasants in a cut over corn field after the first snow, which I did as a young man. Also, maybe shooting my first snowshoe hare when it turned white after an early snow up in Northern Michigan, and then the snow melted. I remember an elk hunt back in ’97 out in Oregon when we camped at about 8000 feet, and I got a touch of altitude sickness. Just thinking of digging a latrine several times in one frigid night in the frozen ground cools me down considerably. 🙂

Well, no matter what your method of handling the heat is, I hope you drink lots of water and stay safe. Pick up a good book and read until the sun goes down. If you need a recommendation, just look at the header.


Signed Copies of “COUGAR!” and “NIGHT WIND” Available!

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to remind those of you that would like a signed copy of my new novel “NIGHT WIND” that signed copies of both  books are available by sending cash, check, or money order in the amount of $17.00 to:

Will Dallas, P.O. Box 945, Odessa, TX 79760, and I will get your copy in the mail. This price only applies to my readers in the U.S. and Canada. If you are overseas, please calculate the extra postage and include it with your request, and I will make certain that you receive an autographed copy.


New Background