NIGHT WIND is in Publication!

Night Wind Cover Front

I am happy to announce that the sequel to “COUGAR!”, “NIGHT WIND” is headed to the printers as I type. It should be about two to three weeks before it will be available, so practice patience for a little while longer.

If you haven’t read “COUGAR!” yet, you can order it from the Booklocker link provided in the header of this website, or from your favorite book dealer.




Here is the teaser for the new novel “NIGHT WIND” which I hope to have available by mid-June 2014.

“The big bodied bear had covered almost half of the three quarter mile distance to the substation feeder road when he stopped to examine his prize. The screams that had a first infuriated him were now just an occasional moan as the little girls blood loss from the teeth marks in her right shoulder caused her to mercifully drift in and out of consciousness. He wasn’t really hungry since the DNA sample pen was always full of corn, but his natural instinct had taken over when this small human had trespassed on his turf while he was raiding the garbage. Now he watched her for about two minutes, and then rolled her over with a swat of his large paw. A small moan escaped her lips as the ribs that had been broken in the initial attack shot sharp pains throughout her body, and the bear backed up slightly.”

As most of you know, “NIGHT WIND” is the sequel to “COUGAR!”, so if you haven’t yet read the first book, you can order a hard copy from your favorite bookstore,, or a signed one from me by sending $16.00 to:
Will Dallas
P.O. Box 945
Odessa, TX 79760