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In addition to meeting new people and making some great friends, working at All American Firearms Service in Odessa, TX has given me the opportunity to handle a broad selection of rifles and pistols, some of which I thought would be great in my collection just a few months back. Now I am hard pressed to even recommend many of the bigger names in firearms because of the inferior quality in their assembly and design methods.

However, that being said, I do have some preferences and some suggestions for those that want reliable and effective hunting and personal protection firearms. My number one suggestion is that if you just have to have a small caliber pistol because you think that it will not have any recoil, then choose one that is made by a reputable manufacturer like Beretta, Walther, Ruger, or Taurus.

.380 ACP (left), compared to .32 ACP (right). ...
.380 ACP (left), compared to .32 ACP (right). Yugoslavian made, standard FMJ. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Stay away from composites if you are going to spend hours at the range, and spend the extra money for all steel or alloy pieces. My choice for a pocket or purse carry is always the wheel gun(cylinder) over an automatic because of grit getting in the slide of the automatic and making it fail to feed the second round.

I like the .45 ACP over any other caliber for personal defense.

.45 ACP
.45 ACP (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As any pipefitter will tell you, doubling the area of the cross section of a hole increases the liquid flow by four times, all pressures being equal. Think about it.

My hunting round of preference is any round bigger than .22 that you can confidently place in the vitals of the game animal to dispatch it with as little trauma to the animal as is humanly possible. Personally, I shoot a 30-338 and a 375-338 depending on where I am hunting. I like the big fast moving bullet to drop my game so the “fair chase” is before the shot and not afterward. If I had to have just one hunting rifle it would be a Mauser action .458 Win Mag with a 20 inch barrel and a 1 in 20 rifling so that I could shoot anything from a 300 grain soft lead 45-70 equivalent load to the head snapping 500 grain 458 Win Mag Max loads at 5000+ foot pounds of energy.

Here are a couple of my latest acquisitions: The first is a 1903 Colt Automatic in .32 ACP and the second is an original Charter Arms Bull Dog in .44 Special that I have been wanting for twenty years.

1903 Colt Automatic2bulldog

I addition, I have built and rebuilt several fine rifles which has given me the opportunity to run up to the Midland Shooters Association range a couple of times to test my bedding jobs.

Rem721b375-338 005

In addition to hobbying at the gun shop (I hesitate to call it work :)), we are moving toward the separate goals of finishing “Night Wind”, the sequel to “COUGAR!”, and getting the screen version of “COUGAR!” off of the ground. I have made contact with the young man that we hope will play Tuck in the movie, and have also been in contact with a production company that is “excited” to take a look at our budget requirements for the film.  To say that I am excited is certainly an understatement!

In the next couple of weeks I will be attending two gun shows in the Odessa/Midland, Texas area with All American Firearms Service so, if you are in the area, please drop by and see us. It will be a great opportunity to purchase your signed copy of “COUGAR!” if you haven’t already joined the rapidly growing number of satisfied readers, so come on down!

If you can’t make the show and would still like a signed copy of my book, just send me $16.00 by check or M.O. to Will Dallas, P.O. Box 945 Odessa, TX 79760, and I will have one delivered within a week of receiving the payment in the U.S. and Canada. Overseas orders, please calculate your book shipping cost from Odessa, TX. 🙂

If you would like to learn more about guns in general, visit a couple of these links:


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In case some of you are confused, I am trying to get the website up and running again with a new WordPress theme which will allow more photos and a little different look. Please bear with me.

Once this is finished, we will be posting almost daily so stay tuned for our latest updates.


Gun Shop News and Views

Well things have been very busy here in Odessa, Texas, specifically at the All American Firearms Service where I am gun smithing. In the past few weeks, 50 copies of “COUGAR!” have sold over the gun counter along with about seventy-five or so fine firearms!

I wish that I could explain the transformation that has occurred in our customer base, but suffice to say that we have transitioned from primarily hunters and outdoors men to a mixed bag of men, women, and youth that share a common interest in the shooting sports and the camaraderie that these sports encourage. (Putting up the sign: “No Foul Language Please, We are a Family Friendly Establishment” has certainly not hurt).

In the next few weeks we will be bringing in the line of reloading equipment offered by Lee Precision, one of the oldest and most reliable names in the industry, and we will be teaching the rudiments of reloading to those that are interested in saving wads of money on hard to find ammunition.

We will also have a four table presence at the upcoming Midland RV show(which is also a big gun show!) on February 6 through the 9th. I will be there signing copies of “COUGAR!” on the 8th and 9th so come on over and experience a real Texas sized show!

With all of the gun shop activity, I am still working on a suitable ending for the sequel to “COUGAR!”, and it will entail a little West Texas lore so be patient. 🙂

If you still haven’t read the book, there is a free three chapter read available by clicking the link above, as well as a multitude of cougar facts on the other pages of this site. You can also order the eBook version of “COUGAR!” from at the following:

I am also offering autographed copies of “COUGAR!” within the US for $16.00 ea. You can order your copy by sending a check or money order made out to Will Dallas P.O Box 945, Odessa, TX 79760. Please allow at least a week after I receive payment for delivery.
























HAPPY NEW YEAR, Everyone! I sincerely wish all of my readers and friends a very Happy and Prosperous 2014. Let me give you a year end update on our activities this past year:

As you all know, My wife and I moved to Odessa, Texas last October and settled right in to West Texas living. I am now the only evangelical gunsmith in West Texas (and I will claim that title until proven otherwise :)) working out of All American Firearms Service in West Odessa. Sales are great, and every day is like Christmas morning to an old kid with a thing for guns! Autographed copies of “COUGAR!” are selling well in the store, and I have to thank the owner, David Dinkela for giving me the counter space to share my wares. Yesterday, a twelve year old boy read the first page of the book and talked his dad into buying it! David is on his way to Ruidoso, New Mexico for a long weekend, and he will see if there is any interest in a shop there for the book so keep your fingers crossed.

There has been a bit of frustration this past year also with my suspicions that Amazon has not been reporting the sales of the eBook version of “COUGAR!” We know that there have been sales in this country, and overseas that have not shown up, so I would like to ask all of you that are interested in buying an eBook, to please order it from
Purchase COUGAR!

I am also offering autographed copies of “COUGAR!” within the US for $16.00 ea. You can order your copy by sending a check or money order made out to Will Dallas P.O Box 945, Odessa, TX 79760. Please allow at least a week after I receive payment for delivery.

We are moving forward with plans for the movie. More on that later, and the sequel to “COUGAR!” is almost finished so stay tuned!