Good Day in Texas!

Hey Folks,

Boy, did I have a great day in the gun shop yesterday! As those that follow me on Facebook know, I answered an ad for a gunsmith about 12 hours after we arrived in Odessa, Texas, and now I am doing repairs for All American Firearms Service here in Odessa. Is that cool or what?

Yesterday, I got to talk to a rancher about cougars down in the Sonora area and how they were deadly to the foals that were being birthed on the large ranch of one of his friends, and the same man has lost around 100 goats to these cats this past season. There is also a bad hog problem on that same ranch with packs of feral hogs destroying fences, eating the quail eggs and other ground nesting birds, and messing up the water sources for the cattle. He told me that these things will eat anything that is dead on the ground, including other hogs! I have a feeling that you will be reading about a hunt down there soon, so stay tuned.


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