Farewell, Faithful Companion

I thought that I would share the news that I received this morning regarding Weston of “COUGAR!” fame. Weston was struck by a car and killed during the wee hours while investigating the remains of a Pit Bull that had been unceremoniously dumped following a dog fight in the area.

While I am grieved to have lost such a fine and noble animal, it should be noted that every precaution had been taken to keep the big boy in, including an invisible fence that he apparently ran through in an effort to live free. I got him because he was a constant source of grief to the previous owner who was going broke paying fines for his rampages through the neighborhood, and now old Weston has paid the ultimate price for his life of disobedience. (I feel a sermon coming on!)

R.I.P., you big mutt! I hope that a few squirrels have made it to your new home as well.

If you haven’t read about Weston’s antics in “COUGAR!” yet, you can purchase your eBook or print version from the following links: