The Screen Play is Finished

Well, I’ve got good news! Paul Sharp and I finished the screenplay for “COUGAR!” based on the novel, and we will start shopping it to the production companies within a couple of weeks. To say that we are excited about the prospects of this becoming a feature film would be an understatement!

Our next goal is to submit the screenplay in the last competition of this year to see if it will get some traction. For those of you that pray, we need a lot of that action, and for those that don’t, well, wish us luck 🙂

Now to finish the sequel! I can promise that it will be as action packed as “COUGAR!” is.

Print and eBook formats are available at the following locations:





If anyone is interested in receiving an electronic copy of our screenplay and a 300 word synopsis, please contact:
Will Dallas

June Update

I have had several requests from folks wanting a bit more information about “COUGAR!” especially since a title search brings up some unsavory activity related to the name. That certainly wasn’t intentional on my part, I can assure you! It just never crossed my mind that a cougar could be anything other than a big cat!

“COUGAR!” is basically a story of several good, moral people caught up in events that make their moral compasses drift more than a bit off course. As the story unfolds, the reader is taken through a roller coaster ride of emotionally charged events ranging from fear, anger, happiness, sadness, longing, and intense love.

I suppose the question that is raised when our characters run afoul of some very heavy handed government officials while in the course of their everyday activities is, “How would you, the reader, react if you were suddenly thrown into like circumstances beyond your control?”

I am happy to report that the screen play is almost finished, and it promises to be even more exciting than the book. I’m not giving out any “spoilers” here, so if you haven’t read the book, here is where you can find it either in print or as an eBook in all of the popular formats.





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