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Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to let you all know that “COUGAR!” is now available in all eBook formats, and you may purchase your electronic copy for your Kindle, Nook, or iPad at the following links:






Swamp Thangs!

Hey Folks,

There are some new creatures in the swamp for the sequel to “COUGAR!” (as yet untitled). The coyote has been there for a good while, but the coywolf, which is a hybrid that results when a wolf and a coyote mate, is gaining a foothold in the coyote range all of the way down the eastern United States range of both animals. The coywolf is a larger animal with its weight of around sixty pounds for a healthy adult, and they are not quite as timid as the coyote. Of course, my coywolf is bigger, meaner, smarter, and more aggressive than any other dog in the swamp, so his leadership of the pack that has now tasted human flesh will result in more carnage.

There are big black bears in the Myrtle Beach area also. In fact, they have been spotted in the Carolina Forest area from time to time. The SCDNR issued tags for a draw hunt in several areas close to the beach this year, and it will be interesting to see if one of any size is taken. I’ve been told that the bears in this part of the country have large bodies, but they do not score well as trophies since the skull is much smaller than a similar size bruin in Canada. Hmmm…I’ve noticed that trend in the local politicians also! Maybe it is the water.

Not to worry though, there is still a cougar on the prowl, alligators and snakes in the swamp, and crazed killers that will stop at nothing to fill their contract on our heroes so the action will be just as intense, if not more so.

I’ll be adding info pages to the website soon for the coyote, coywolf, and the black bear so stay tuned.

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