Advice on your First Book

Every now and then I have people ask me about my experience writing “COUGAR!”. The questions are generally much the same, “Where did you get the idea for the book?” “How did you come up with the characters?” “How long did it take for you to write it, etc?”

Most of these people have thought about writing a book for most of their lives, but have been put off by the problems with finding a suitable publisher. I waited for years to write more than my weekly (sometimes monthly) sermons for our web ministry because of the same concerns. When I finally sat down to write the novel, I had no idea about proper manuscript formatting and a host of other details that mean the difference between a good readable novel and meaningless drivel sandwiched between attractive book covers. I also did not have a clue as to how this thing was going to get published!

My solution was to look first for a literary agent, but that search was short lived since it entailed more red tape than trying to get a security clearance. I decided to self publish the first book (hopefully there will be more) using a P.O.D. publisher, but the list was long and some of the reviews dealing with customer service were horrible. I had a friend that published with Amazon’s Create Space, and he was discouraged about the lack of sales reporting. I looked at several others, but they were way too over priced for my budget. Then I found The price was right, the owners, Richard and Angela Hoy were extremely helpful, extremely patient, and extremely professional. As a matter of fact, if it had not been for their guidance, I probably would have shelved the project in frustration.

Well, “COUGAR!” is out there now just waiting for me to return to the marketing end after taking a year long hiatus to serve the Lord in a food ministry in Tennessee. It hasn’t had large sales, but this little book has been read all over the United States, and even made a trip into the Brooks Range in Alaska. I have had tremendous reviews from my entire readership and some encouragement to get a screen play written. That in itself was worth the effort and the cost, which, by the way, was much less than a couple of semesters in a college environment honing my craft.

My advice to anyone wanting to write that first novel is to contact Angela Hoy at Booklocker .com. Her honesty is refreshing, and if it won’t sell, they won’t take your money, which is kind of unique among P.O.D. publishers. Tell her that W.W. Brock sent you.

If you haven’t yet read your free three chapter excerpt, you can read it here by clicking one of the above links. To order the book please visit


You can also order the book from your local Barnes and Noble or Books a Million if that is more convenient, although they are my last choice.