Red Wolf Encounter

In 1977, I was down in Houston, Texas and a fellow that we knew there invited one of my brothers and me up to his farm in Navasota to hunt deer. His farm was pretty grown up with scrub oak and brush that had taken over much of his forty acres that had lain fallow, since he was only interested in raising hogs.

We arrived early in the morning and eased into the woods looking for sign of the deer that were supposed to be there and saw nothing but the tracks of a large coyote pack that had been running the area. After several hours of slowly moving through the thickets, I found a promising spot for a ground stand on one side of a brush filled ravine that was about twenty yards across and twenty feet deep. My rifle, a 1903A3 Remington 30-06 that had the barrel shortened to 18 1/2 inches, lay across my lap as I dozed with my back against a tree looking across the ravine.

When I opened my eyes about fifteen minutes into a nap, I saw a big red wolf of about eighty pounds standing on the other side looking over at me. The rifle came up just as the wolf decided that I was something that he wanted to eat. In a matter of seconds that dog was on top of me at point blank range with his teeth bared. The massive muzzle blast of that short barreled rifle flipped the wolf over backwards, but before I could get another shot off, he ran across me and into the woods without a backward glance. I knew that I had missed him with my shot, but probably scared the crap out of him as he certainly did me!

We never did get any deer up there, nor did we see any sign other than the coyotes, but I never forgot the encounter with the wolf. I can’t imagine what would have happened if it had been one of the two hundred pound grays that have been introduced into the areas of the west where they were never indigenous.

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