Hot Weather Hunting

When I think about hunting in hot weather down here in the South, I think about buckets of sweat, snakes, and mosquitoes, because of that, I generally fish when the temperatures get over seventy degrees or so. However, one of the most successful hunts that I took part in was a few years ago when a group of us decided to pay a visit to Cherokee Run for an August hog hunt in the Pee Dee bottoms near Chesterfield, SC with owner Tom Naumann.

When Tom told me early in the morning of the hunt (O’dark:thirty!) that I would be hunting the “snake” stand, I should have gotten a hint at what the day was going to shape up as, but the excitement of trying out my just built .375 with gas checked lead loads on a hog was really the only thing that I had on my mind.

We walked in to the stands at around six o’clock and just as I was climbing into the ladder stand, I happened to take a look behind me and there were the HOGS! I eased into the stand without spooking the animals, fully intent on bagging the 400 pounder that Tom had told me to harvest. AS I raised the .375 to a shooting position it became painfully obvious that I probably should not have left the rifle in the air conditioned lodge all night because now the vintage 1950s Weaver scope was fogged over and I couldn’t see the massive sow that was about eighty yards in front of me. As I wiped the rear lens of the scope, then the front with my gloved thumbs, the big hog stepped into tall grass and left a 200 pounder standing sideways to me. I still remember the hog flipping a complete 180 degree turn as the lead struck her through the neck bone just behind the ear.

Later in the day, my good friend “Doc” took another two hundred pounder from the same stand, and he also killed a big cotton mouth that practically stood on its tail trying to bite him. All in all a great hunt!
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New Reviews for “COUGAR!”

The Bible says to “Let another praise you and not your own lips.” so here are a couple of reviews for “COUGAR!” that really made my day!

“If you’ve ever baited a hook and cast a line or loaded a gun and stepped into the wood line, you know to expect the unexpected. W.W. Brock tests all of your senses in this riveting tale of trust, fear, intrigue, and deceit at the highest places in government in the most unlikely place in the country, quiet Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. A must read with tension, drama, and unexpected casualties, page after page.”
– Lieutenant Colonel Bob Sumner

“This is an excellent read. The writer filled this short book with it all. He shows human nature and mother nature at its best and its worst. This action packed book has romance, conspiracy, self preservation, and the real world results of man trying to control nature. Well done, Mr. Brock. I look forward to your next adventure.”
– Jim Jarrell

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Technical Difficulties

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Happy Independence Day!

“WE hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness — That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed,…”
(excerpted from the Declaration of Independence)

I want to wish everyone a very HAPPY and SAFE Fourth of July! Our liberty and freedom is something that most of us cherish. Enjoy them with family and friends while you can!


A Cold Weather Hunt

Boy, as I get older, the heat down here in Myrtle Beach gets more intolerable. It is so hot that I don’t even want to go fishing, which is pretty hot. When it gets this bad, I think of other hunts that I’ve been on in a cooler clime.

I think that the coldest that I’ve been on a hunt was up in New York when my shotgun froze to my pants leg, and I couldn’t have taken a shot if a deer had run across me, but the one that really sticks in my mind was scouting trip that my brother and I went on when we decided to elk hunt below the Mount Adams glacier in South Western Washington State back in November of 2007. We had spent a good part of an afternoon climbing straight up the slope of the mountain in temperatures around forty five to fifty degrees and then, having returned to our vehicle just before dark, decided to hang a tarp for a makeshift tent and spend the night before heading back on the long drive to my brother’s home.

I had purchased a mummy bag and packed it without having tried it for fit, which was not the smartest thing that I’ve ever done, and the darn thing wouldn’t cover my shoulders! We had a big fire going and all seemed well until about a half an hour after dark when the cold air from the glacier that was several thousand feet above us rushed down the mountain. I swear, you could stick your hand in the fire and not feel any heat, it was so cold! It certainly made for a long night!

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