The Curse of the Black Mingo is now officially published!

We are using Amazon’s Kindle Direct Program for the next 90 days for our digital books, and the print versions will be ready shortly after March 1, 2018. To access the kindle version, use this link: The Curse of the Black Mingo, Kindle Edition

From the back cover:

“The dark, stagnant water of the Black Mingo Swamp holds many secrets, some of them evil. When young sharecropper boys stumble onto a treasure that the swamp had hidden for over a century, their lives are catastrophically changed. One loses his arm, one loses hope, and both lose their parents. One will blame a curse while the other counts his blessings. The Curse of the Black Mingo tells a gripping tale that follows these two boys as they are plucked by tragic circumstances from their sharecropper existence and thrust into the high society of Charleston, South Carolina in 1911.”

This novel is quite different than the Michael Tucker Series. Although it is still loaded with action, nobody worries about snake or alligator bites, or the occasional rogue agents. I believe you will enjoy the read.


First Gun Show and Book Signing of 2018

HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2018 is going to be a GREAT year! While I’m waiting to hear from one of the literary agencies that requested the manuscript for The Curse of the Black Mingo, we are still scheduling book signings for the Michael Tucker adventure series. Our first show will be in Bowling Green, Kentucky at the Sloan Convention Center on January 6th and 7th. For more information contact A.G.Gun Shows We look forward to seeing new faces and making new friends on this, our first time at the table in Bowling Green.

I’m making some headway on novel number eight, as yet un-named. Doing the research even for a fictional work takes quite a bit of time, but the reward comes in the realism of the finished work, which, in this case, is about cannibalism and demon possession after a post-volcanic winter brings an end to food supplies for the masses that dwell in the cities. Since both cannibalism and demon possession are covered in the Bible, my main characters will be making their judgments based on that word.

Mary K and I are excited that a visit to Alaska might come to fruition this summer. Both of us have always wanted to go, and we have been presented with the opportunity. It will all hinge on the success of the Curse, of course, and whether we can get our next household move finished in time. Stay Tuned.


Number Seven is Complete!

As many of you know, the number seven in the bible is associated with completion or perfection. I am happy to announce that my number seven,The Curse of the Black Mingo, is finished and ready for publication. As much as I hate the synopsis writing which entails boiling down my novel into several pages of sawdust, I did get that task competed with a little help from friends, namely Angela Hoy at and Rickey Pittman, the Bard of the South,

It was my intention to wait until January 2nd to start sending my query letters out, but decided to send four as a trial about a week ago. The first one went to Golden Wheat Literary in Hays, Kansas who in turn requested that I send the manuscript in hard copy. As you can imagine, my excitement level shot up about a bazillion points, although I realize that nothing is guaranteed in this business. While I’m waiting to hear back from those good folks, I’ve started another story. More on that in the future.

The Christian Horror that I promised is on the back burner until we get through with our gun show season which I’ve missed the bulk of while trying to finish the Curse, and we have a trip planned to Alaska for a couple of months in the summer to pick up some story material and fish a bit.

I will be signing books at the Fort Oglethorpe, GA Gun Show this weekend, and then it is off to visit family in the Carolinas for a week.


‘The Curse of the Black Mingo’ Update

For my readers that are wondering where in the world I’ve been hiding with the next book, ‘The Curse of the Black Mingo’, I can promise that your patience will be rewarded in the very near future!

One of the challenges to writing a story that is set in a certain time frame is the need to research the historical events of that time for an accurate backdrop to a fictional story. Consider that it took me thirty minutes of writing time to find the name and location of the passenger railroad terminal that serviced Charleston in 1911. The place that is now used as the Visitor Center was the old freight terminal, but there was was the ‘Union Station’ located on East Bay and Columbus that burned in 1927. This depot was a state-of-the-art facility that brought the passengers inside a huge complex for debarking.

For all of you that enjoyed ‘LEGION’, there will be another so-called ‘Christian Horror’ before the end of the year entitled, ‘Two Minutes of Darkness’. You may have guessed that it is eclipse related, and it will follow scriptural guidelines when dealing with the demonic forces that have been unwittingly unleashed by folks practicing some unsavory business during the darkness. Stay tuned.



Well, the sixth and last book in the Michael Tucker Adventure series, SEVERED INNOCENCE, is finally ready. The cover art was designed by Kat Morris Murals to reflect the depression that Hanna is suffering.

Here is the back cover text:

“The traumatic stress of several years on the run has finally come to a head for Michael and Hanna Tucker when word comes in the middle of the night that Uncle Henry has been kidnapped, and they have minutes to pack a bag and leave their home, possibly for good. This would be stressful enough for just the two of them, but now there is three year old Emily and her new baby brother, Michael Junior to consider. Time is running out as they flee to a safe house with old friends and wait for word on the location of Henry Albright, who they fear is dead. With her nerves on edge, Hanna is faced with the stark reality that life may never return to normal.

Loaded with non-stop action, SEVERED INNOCENCE will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.”

Buy it now in ebook or print from Amazon at: or order your own personalized copy from me at the discount price of $15.00 plus $4.00 shipping.

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Back in the time before my retirement when I was busy in the manufacturing arena, we had a phrase related to our quality programs that indicated that we weren’t perfect, but we were always trying to move in that direction. That phrase was ‘Continuous Improvement’, and it meant simply that our purpose was to improve our processes in exactly that manner over time.

When I wrote my first novel, I was woefully unaware of what the editing process entailed, or that it was even a basic necessity. This ignorance of the basic rules of my new occupation brought me some very poor reviews for editing mixed in with a majority of great reviews for content, so I decided to utilize my old pre-retirement training to continually improve in my new found occupation.

The first step was to solicit the help of beta readers that would read the manuscript before publication, and I installed grammar and spell check software for help in reviewing my manuscripts. While this certainly helped with the elusive typo errors, some still slipped past and were discovered after each book was published and already in the marketplace. As quickly as I’m able now with five titles in both print and eBook versions, I am correcting the errors that we’ve found and uploading the revisions to the printer. Does this make the book easier to read? Probably not, since most of the errors that I now find are not recognized by my readers once they are engrossed in the storyline. I can’t even see them when I read through the first few times looking for them. What this does for me is tune up my ability to edit my own work, and to pursue that perfectly crafted masterpiece that all authors dream about. It also lets my readers know that I do pay attention to their critiques in an effort to continuously improve my craft and make their reading experience more enjoyable.


LEGION is now Available!


When a young man mysteriously disappears without a trace on an isolated lake road, except for the truck and girlfriend that he left behind, the search brings a professional hunter and a retired game warden together in a massive effort to find him. What they find instead is a spiritual evil terrorizing the area, and a lost silver treasure that has attracted men with criminal intent that will murder to possess it.


Hey everybody,

The website has been down for a week or so, and I’m just getting this news posted for those of you that don’t follow me on Facebook.

One of the highest honors that a writer can receive is to have a professionals in the field give a glowing report of his books. Tom Naumann is the owner/operator of Cherokee Run Hunting Lodge in South Carolina, and he had this review for LEGION:

“MUST READ! My close friend WW Brock has written a series of Wildlife Thrillers that are truly thrilling. The latest book, LEGION, is riveting and phenomenal! The main character Tom Strongbow, with Cherokee ancestry, is an outfitter in South Carolina…hmmm…sounds like someone I know. You will have to read it to find out more! All his books are movie material!!”

LEGION has been published and is available from almost every bookstore as an order item (order from me and I’ll sign it for you).

Here are the Amazon links: for Kindle, and here is the print version:

This is available in all other book stores as an order item.


eBooks are now Available!

There is now a three(3) chapter free read: Texas Rising

Texas Rising1

I have added the eBooks  in PDF format to our inventory.  The new ‘TEXAS RISING’ is only $4.99 US . ‘COUGAR!’, ‘NIGHT WIND’, and ‘THUNDER RANCH’ are $2.99 US. All eBooks are sent via email as soon as payment is received. Purple Sage Entertainment Store

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